The 327th Steel Talons
Statement of Principles

The 327th Steel Talons operates as a squadron based in the Aces High combat flight sim. The 327th has a long and proud history in such flight simulations with its roots found in Air Warrior where the squad was founded by KOOL. The 327th has been active and successful since May 1997 largely due to a set of operating Principles that have been employed since its inception. What follows is a brief description of the Core Principles that the 327th Steel Talons abides by:

1. Respect.
Not merely respect for squad leadership but quite the opposite. The leadership of the 327th maintains a high level of respect for every pilot on its roster. The leadership of the 327th understands that pilots enter into Aces High, and this squadron, as a means to entertainment, and as such appreciates the time and effort each pilot contributes to the game and to the success of the squad. While not nearly a perfect democracy in its operation, the leadership of the 327th respects and values the opinions of its members and encourages feedback on a wide variety of issues. No pilot should ever feel that a grievance cannot be brought to the attention of squad leadership. Every pilot should feel that they have a voice in the direction of the squad.

2. Pilot Development.
The leadership of the 327th understands that enjoyment of Aces High and of squad operations increases as a pilot's skills improve. Although often on an ad hoc basis, many members are more than happy to assist new members with training on a variety of skills. In addition, the leadership of the 327th seeks to develop leadership skills within the rank and file of the squad. The 327th fosters an Operations Officer Program where in any member of the squad may volunteer and sign up to lead the entire squad on a given Squad Night (currently Wed. and Sat. nights). Such volunteer Ops Officers are in full command of squad activities. This may seem a daunting task to some, but rest assured, if needed, good advice from seasoned veterans is readily available.

3. Recognition.
The 327th Steel Talons operates four distinct sub-squadrons, all closely affiliated under the same overall Leadership: The 327th Steel Talons Fighter Squad (FS), The 327th Steel Talons Tactical Fighter Squad (TFS), The 327th Steel Talons Bomber Squad (BS), and The 327th Ground Attack Force (GAF). The 327th maintains a distinctive roster structure within each squad (see roster page at 327th Roster). Promotions within the squad structure are a matter of recognition. Although seniority is a factor, recognition also incorporates such factors as loyalty, participation, and other contributions toward the success of the squadron. Promotion to Leadership positions also carries an added dimension. Although Leadership positions do impart a certain measure of recognition, 327th members so promoted also understand this as an opportunity to serve the squadron. In short, to help the next guy who comes along. Few who have been so promoted have failed to rise to the challenge.

4. Communication.
The leadership of the 327th understands that communication is a key element of success for the squadron and enjoyment for its members. As such the 327th sponsors a variety of methods and levels of communication for its members, ranging from dedicated vox channel while online, the use of message boards on its website (327th Message Boards) to a squad sponsored mailing lists (327th O'Club & 327th Operations). Access to each are free to members and easily accessible. Also a "" e-mail address is available upon request for a one time nominal donation.

5. Fun.
The leadership of the 327th understands that pure fun, and enjoyment of the full measure of the Aces High Combat Sim, by the rank and file pilots is the primary mission of the squadron. The 327th supports a variety of events both formally and informally sponsored, ranging from Squad Nights (currently every Wed. at 2100 ET and Sat. 2200 ET), participation in RJO (ROOK Joint Operations), to participation as a group in Aces High Scenarios. New ideas from squad members are always welcome for discussion.

In closing, the 327th strives to enhance the fun and enjoyment of all 327th Squadron Members in the Aces High Combat Sim. This is accomplished through a supportive and structured environment which is based on mutual respect, camaraderie, and Esprit de Corps.