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STICK (left) & KOOL (right) meet for the first time during KOOL's layover at DTW during his's trip to AWCON99

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KOOL (left) & HMBLE (right) meet for the first time in the CON room.

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Jordi, Hmble, 345 (standing), and BIG-T (sitting) in the CON room.

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South end of the CON room.  Mage in the forground.

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West end of the CON room.  Some 44th Air Mafia in suits, Zippy pointing to the sky saying "oh crap here comes the 327th".  To the right of Zippy and wearing a t-shirt with orange goo on the front is Whels

CONROOM-01_small.jpg (2166 bytes)

North end of the CON room looking southwest.  Shrike is 2nd from the left in the forground.   Notice that he likes brew.  WTG Shrike!  Thanks for the use of your computer during the CON!!!

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East side of the CON room.  BIG-H standing to the right.

015_small.JPG (2007 bytes)

South end of the CON room.  "Thing" from the TV hit series The Addams Family is on the left holding a refreshment.

008_small.JPG (1784 bytes)

HMBLE at the controls of Shrike's virtual flying machine.

005_small.JPG (1498 bytes)

Hail creator of AW! Kelton Flinn.

006_small.JPG (1783 bytes)

KOOL meets Robert Shaw, author of the AW Bible "Fighter Combat, Tactics and Maneuvering"

007_small.JPG (1782 bytes)

KOOL and Robert Shaw.

Brewster_Buffalos_small.jpg (2171 bytes)

Brewster Buffalos in dress uniform.   Sitting left to right, Artst, Yoj, TCan.  Standing left to right, KGB, Coach, Pack, Buff1.

009_small.JPG (1619 bytes)

STICK must have left the gate open.

010_small.JPG (1399 bytes)

Jonathan "Blue Baron" Baron speaking at the banquette.

011_small.JPG (1400 bytes)

Main speaker at the banquette, Jack Oglive.

012_small.JPG (1885 bytes)

Pac* "Godfather" of the 44th Air Mafia presenting a gift to Jack Oglive.

014_small.JPG (1944 bytes)

?, KOOL, Spike, HMBLE, winding down an evening at the CON.

013_small.JPG (2023 bytes)

VIP tent at the Dallas Air Show at Love Field.

KOOL_in_an_A26_small.jpg (2521 bytes)

KOOL at the controls of an A26 Invader, thinking it's time to get a multi-engine rating.