AWCON2K.jpg (5134 bytes)
Crown-Plaza_small.jpg (2207 bytes)

The Crown Plaza.  Home of AWCON2K.

Union-Station_small.jpg (2487 bytes)

Union Station

RCA-Dome_small.jpg (2355 bytes)

RCA Dome

The Quiet Before The Crowd_small.jpg (2972 bytes)

The calm before the crowd.

CON Setup_small.jpg (3110 bytes)

Wednesday, July 12th.  CON setup.

CON1_small.jpg (3401 bytes)

The crowd arrives!

CON2_small.jpg (3225 bytes)

The crowd arrives! Part 2

CON5_small.jpg (3395 bytes)

The crowd arrives! Part 3

CON4_small.jpg (3009 bytes)

The crowd arrives! Part 4

CON7_small.jpg (3525 bytes)

And yet more crowded pictures.

CON3_small.jpg (2859 bytes)

Yet another view of the crowded CON room.

CON6_small.jpg (2824 bytes)

Hey, why aren't these people at their computers?

CON-327th_small.jpg (2810 bytes)

The 327th Steel Talons.  Got goggles?

Golf Outing 1_small.jpg (3477 bytes)

A couple of Steel Talons waiting their turn on the tee.  You can read the names on the hats, DOSE is looking back.

Golf Outing 327th Group_small.jpg (3634 bytes)

Golf team 327th.  YES, KOOL, EAGLE, and STICK.

Golf Outing Hawk 1_small.jpg (2053 bytes)

The Golf team 327th didn't quite see a birdie during the scramble, but we did see a hawk.

BAT-Son_small.jpg (3098 bytes)

BAT: and SON.

Spoils-of-war_small.jpg (2961 bytes)

327th Steel Talons TOP GUNS, and their spoils of war loot.

STICK-YES-Soca-Yoj_small.jpg (2844 bytes)

STICK, YES, Soca, Yoj.

DDZ_small.jpg (2890 bytes)

The DDZ.  Draft, Talyn, McGee, TarkS, Mols.

TarkS-Jams_small.jpg (2649 bytes)

TarkS can jam!

Bud Anderson_small.jpg (2284 bytes)

Tripple Ace, C.E. "Bud" Anderson at his book signing.

Bud-n-KOOL_small.jpg (2255 bytes)

Is this a bar sceen? 'Cause all I see here is a KOOL and a BUD.

Round-Table-1_small.jpg (2648 bytes)

The round table discussion.

Round-Table-3_small.jpg (2527 bytes) Round-Table-2_small.jpg (2668 bytes) Banquet-1_small.jpg (3362 bytes)

Front row at the CON dinner banquet.

Banquet-2_small.jpg (2675 bytes)

Bud Anderson speaks at the CON banquet.