2005 327th Mini-CON
Photo Album




327th Mini-CON Host

Guess who. Hint: It's written all over his face.

Mato, Lucky, KOOL, BAT

STICK & Newman prepared to launch in the flight sim.

Waiting in the flight sim line.

On the flight deck of CV-63.

KOOL & SlvrFox after landing. What, no barf bag?

SlvrFox, KOOL, & Newman over looking the AirZoo.

2005 327th Mini-CONers hanging out with a Jug.

Feast ingredients. King crab legs not shown.

At the feast. Quick, pass the fire extinguishers!

Blacki, Casper, & BAT

KOOL & Blacki

Newman, Mato, Blacki, KOOL, & part of Lucky's left side.

Newman hiding in the back.
I thought BATs stay awake at night?

327th Mini-CON
War Room

CIC Board

Liquor & Poker

STICK on a eats mission.

F4U Corsair at
the AirZoo

Caged in a C47

Newman & Lucky in the C47. Lucky thinks there's a bathroom onboard.

A replacement bike for Piles?

F8F Bearcat

F4U Corsair

Moonbeam McSwine stored for the winter.

Newman's pink P40

P39 Airacobra

The JUG.

B25 Tail

SlvrFox getting checked out

Stick & Newman setting up. KOOL's hat in front.

B25 Mitchel

B25 Mitchel
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