2003 327th Mini-CON
Photo Album


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327th Mini-CON War Room & Crew
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3rdINF, SlvrFox (standing), DTM7, STICK, Casper, KOOL, Jester6
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Casper & STICK
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STICK & Poker
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Liquor, STICK, Poker
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3rdINF & SlvrFox
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3rdINF, SlvrFox, DTM7, STICK
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Poker & Liquor
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The Ultimate Sim
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What do you think 327th, new min. system requirements?
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Lock-n-load two Aces
Jester6 & STICK

Jester6 & STICK
Rock-n-Roll Movie Clip I

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Jester6 & STICK
Rock-n-Roll Movie Clip II

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SlvrFox & DTM7
Strap in
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Now boys keep it under mach 2
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3rdINF & KOOL empty their pockets
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Now boys like I told the other boys keep it under mach 2!!!
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3rdINF are you "Happy Happy Joy Joy?"
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Anyone got a barf bag?
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P47 Thunderbolt
The Jug


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F8F Bobcat


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C47 Gooney Bird


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Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless


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Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless


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K for Kiddie


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Moonbeam McSwine


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Moonbeam McSwine


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Check 6!


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They should change the tail numbers around to 327


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Check 6!
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327th 2003 Mini-CON Lunch
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SlvrFox Presents Gifts (Mouse Pad & Mug) to 3rdINF & DTM7, Casper watches with Kenny


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Liquor & Poker take care of 3rdINF. 3rdINF had trouble getting to sleep so they jumped back and forth across 3rd's lap.
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Sorry Liquor & Poker, Jester6's long since gone asleep. It's a Serta mattress.